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Savory Blend

Savory Blend

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This select blend of nuts is a worldwide collection that is nutritious and delicious. Order your reserve batch giftbox chock full of exotic, wild and familiar nuts creating a combination for a healthier special occasion such as Weddings, birthdays or Holiday gift ideas. 

Gift or enjoy this blend which is lightly salted and includes a milder nutty flavor that is designed to satisfy the taste buds. The savory selection has been carefully taste tested creating an enjoyable flavor experience that provides the Mmmm! It is also nutrient dense and full of vitamins and minerals making this a healthier alternative snack item.

*Supplies of these nuts are limited due to growing and harvesting seasons along with the fact that some of these are grown only in the fertile wild jungles in Asia and South America near the Amazon. 

All nuts are sourced with long standing relationships, sustainability, and longevity in mind for the Tree Farmers and their diverse Ecological & Native Environments. The Farmers are willing to share their unique nut treasure at their own estimated yield with what they feel comfortable with. They use their sales to support their livelihoods and we hope they will have a reliable income stream.

Ingredients: Roasted: Pili nut (Pilinut), Pistachio, Tiger nut, Pine nut, Macadamia, hazelnut, salt

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